16:710:517   Molecular Neurotransmission

Course Description: Emphasis on current topics on molecular mechanisms that govern neuron-to-neuron communication through chemical pathways in the mammalian brain; pharmacological and pathological conditions. The course will be offered Fridays from 9-12 am at Research Tower V12 (from Jan 13). We will also offer practical training in conducting patch-clamp electrophysiology in cultured neurons.
Course director:
Zhiping Pang, PhD. https://pang-lab.org
Mark Rossi, PhD. https://www.markrossilab.org
Guest speakers:
Jianyuan Sun, PhD. Chinese Academy of Sciences http://bcbdi.siat.ac.cn/index.php/member/showMember/nid/59.shtml
Gowan Tervo, PhD. HHMI Janelia Farm Research Campus https://www.janelia.org/lab/tervo-lab
Davide Comoletti PhD. University of Victoria, New Zealand, and RWJMS https://people.wgtn.ac.nz/davide.comoletti